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Sublimation Transfer Printing
Sublimation Transfer Printing

Sublimation Transfer Printing

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Sublimation is a process where the ink turns to a gas and bonds to polyester material when it reaches high temperatures. It does does not leave a “feel” on the item as it dyes the substrates and permanently becomes a part of the material.



  • Upload your file
  • Place your order for the size/qty you need
  • Transfers are printed & shipped
  • Press @ 400° for 60 seconds



  • HEAT PRESS REQUIRED for even, consistent temperature. You cannot use an iron!
  • Sublimation ink is not activated until temperatures between 385-400°F
  • Sublimation must be applied to substrates that are specifically made with a poly coating or apparel that contains 50% polyester or higher. 
  • Sublimation WILL NOT bond to 100% cotton! Since the ink will only bond to the polyester fiber, any percentage of your product that is cotton will not be vibrant or hold the ink. Consider the cotton fibers in your product as clear. If you have a shirt that is 50% polyester, you can expect 50% of the ink to transfer to your shirt. This will give a lighter, more vintage appearance.  Brighter, more vibrant designs are achieved on 65-100% polyester.